How do you stay on top of your child’s reading skills?
From from following their schools expectations, homework, and then independent reading time at home can be a lot.
Luckily, there are online reading tools for parents, schools, and educators who can help. These online reading programs can help with oral reading, data management, reading logs, and much more.
You can review this list below to help you to decide on what is best for you and your family. What is great is that many, not all, have free trials so you can determine what is best for your.
Below are some top digital reading programs for children ages 5-17.

1. Read2Think
Oral Reading Assessment tool with Inclusive Assessments


K-6 Teachers, K-6 Parents, Nonprofit Directors, K-6 Children

Start off with a 7 day free trial
$2.00/Month per child Parents or Nonprofit
$4.00/Month per child Teacher

Read2Think is a oral reading assessment tool for children in grades K-6. Read2Think uses human assisted AI to measure a child’s fluency, vocabulary, words per minute,

2. Curriculum Associates i-Ready Assessment
Comprehensive Assessment with Actionable Data

Audience: K-12 Students: K-12 Teachers, K-12 Schools or School Districts


  • A minimum purchase of 150 student licenses is required.
  • i-Ready is not sold to families nor homeschool.

Description: Formative Assessment, Benchmark Assessment, Data analytics, screening & placement, growth monitoring, standards mastery.

Additional Information 

3. Khan Academy Kids
100s of fun activities to learn math, reading, spelling, and more.

Audience: Children ages 5-8, K-2 Parents


A mobile application. Books, activities, and games for math, reading, phonics, writing, social-emotional development and more.

4. Scientific Learning-Fast Forward
Online Guided Reading Program

Audience: K-12 Teachers, K-12 School Districts


Description: Reading Assistant Plus uses patented speech recognition technology to deliver real-time corrective guided reading feedback, enabling learners to self-correct as they are reading aloud. For Dyslexia, Struggling Readers, English Language Learners, Title I, Special Education.

5. Headsprout
Engage with Online Episodes and printable E-Books

Audience: K-5 Students, Teachers


  • Classroom $18/month
  • $216/year

Description: Interactive online episodes to teach students reading fundamentals and comprehension skills to become successful readers.mEarly reading development, adaptive reading instruction, automated reporting, vocabulary engine, error correction, benchmark assessment.

6. Reading Eggs
Helping dyslexic children to read.

Audience: Parent ages 2-13, Teacher Pre-K-6


  • $9.99/month up to 4 children
  • $69.99/year up to 4 children
  • Schools-Request a quote

Description Mobile Application
Reading Eggs is the multi-award winning learning app that helps dyslexic children learn to read. Reading Eggs uses carefully structured lessons to build essential spelling skills in children of all reading abilities. The animated, interactive lessons in Reading Eggs begin with phonemic skills – identifying beginning sounds and rhyming words, matching sounds and letters, sounding out words, segmenting and blending sounds and letters.

7. Time for Learning
Interactive learning activities.


  • PreK-12th Grade
  • Parents, Homeschool
  • Teachers


  • $19.95 PreK-8th
  • $30.00 9th-12th


Language Arts, Reading, Math, and Science curriculum for PreK-12th Grade Learners. Interactive lessons, automated grading, reporting and activity tools. Time4Learning makes learning fun with over 3,500 engaging lessons that children of all ages enjoy. Students develop skills through interactive activities and apply what they’re learning to everyday life. Assessment tools help you monitor their academic progress.

8. Quindew
Free Reading Program to Build Comprehension


  • Teachers
  • K-12 students


  • Free

Description Quindew creates reading challenges like a game. They call them Quests. A Quest includes 10 reading prompts so students can reread single tests. Classrooms can also take a Quest together. Weekly challenges with badges and earn Quindew currency. English Language Learners, Reading Interventions

9. Farfaria 
Explore stories on an interactive map.

Audience: Parents, Children ages 1-9


  • Device $20.00/device/year
  • Classroom $350/up to 40 devices/year
  • School $1,500/school/year

Description: Read Aloud storybooks and bedtime stories. Common core aligned system, word highlighting, fiction and nonfiction books.

Additional Information

10. Reading Raven  
Gives children a learning path to help them become independent readers. 

Audience: Parents, Children ages 3-7


  • $1.99/device

Description Reading Raven guides children along the path of learning to read and helps them become independent readers and spellers. Practice recognizing letters, tracing letters, building words, identifying words, reading words, tracing words, and reading sentences.

Additional Information

Click here to learn about Read2Think


11. Homer
The Learning Journey That Grows With Your Child


  • Parents
  • Children Ages 2-8


  • $13.99/month
  • $59.99/year

Description: Personalized pathway that builds essential skills on one another-letters and sounds to sight words, to eventually reading and spelling. Skills-Reading, Math, Social & Emotional Learning, Creativity, and Thinking Skills.

12. Book Adventure
Over 40,000 Book Quizzes with Word Lists

Audience: Homeschools-Groups and Co-ops, Teachers, School Leaders


  • $49.99/per child/year
  • $79.99/1-5 children/year
  • $120/1-10 children/year

Description: Multiple choice book quizzes, spelling & vocabulary lessons, writing, and graphic organizers.

13. Guided Readers
Phonological Awareness

Audience: Teachers, Parents, Children ages 5-8


  • $167/Year License
  • $19.99 Monthly Membership

Description: Digital & Printable storybooks. Student accounts. Differentiated, K-3 Guided Reading program increases student engagement and efficacy and is quickly adaptable to a variety of classroom settings (both in person and online).

14. Amira Learning
Amira provides early literacy testing

Audience: Teachers, Elementary aged children


  • Contact


Amira listens to students read and then creates running records, audio recordings, metrics, and reports for teachers and parents to review.  Amira provides early literacy testing that doesn’t feel like a test to students, consumes almost no teacher and class time, generates valid and reliable data, and delivers consistent, predictive outcomes.

15. Lexia Learning
Adaptive blended learning program that accelerates the development of literacy skills.


  • Pre-K-5


  • Contact


Lexia® Core5® Reading is an adaptive blended learning program that accelerates the development of literacy skills for students of all abilities, helping them make that critical shift from learning to read to reading to learn.

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