We care about your child’s literacy skills 


Empowering children to read as they think

Speak into the online quiz, receive feedback on your child’s reading skills.
Our online assessment will detect fluency and vocabulary skills.


Discover the reading abilities about your child

Read aloud into the short online quiz, parents/educators receive feedback within 24 hours. Our online assessment will evaluate fluency skills.


Children take assessment

We provide stories that are Above, On, or Below grade level for your child’s reading grade level. Oral reading passages are accompanied with artwork featuring POC.


Assessment result reviewed

Professional oral reviewer will evaluate child’s assessment. Parent/educator can review notes and data points


Reporting and Data Points

Report of child’s progression will be viewable on Parent’s Dashboard. Educators have Gradebook to view their entire class or individual students.

Let us help you discover your child’s literacy

Did you know?

How Serious is America’s Literacy Problem?


The risks to people who can’t read or can’t barely read are significant, including :

How Oral Reading Promotes Literacy

Let us help you discover
your child’s literacy

Introducing Read2think


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About Us

We desire to help children read

Reading2Think is a web application to help parents, educators, and students to discover a child’s reading challenge. Our software applies machine learning and humans to assess how children read.
We assess: fluency, vocabulary, Using Read2Think, students will have a dashboard where oral reading passages will be curated based on their reading grade level. Reading grade level will be initially determined with parent or educator login.