We Care About Your Childs Literacy Skills

Empowering children to read as they think

Our online assessment will detect a reader’s fluency and vocabulary skills while providing feedback to the educator.

How it works

Discover the reading abilities of your child

Read aloud into the short online quiz, parents or educators receive feedback within 24 hours. Our online assessment will evaluate your reader’s fluency and vocabulary skills.

Children take assessment

We provide stories that are Above, On, or Below grade level for your child’s reading grade level. Oral reading passages are accompanied with artwork featuring POC.

Assessment result reviewed

A professional oral reviewer will evaluate a child’s reading assessment. A parent or an educator can review notes and data points.

Reporting and Data Points

Report of your reader’s data points will be viewable on the Parent or Educator’s Dashboard.

Let us help you discover
your child’s literacy

Did You Know?

The Literary Crisis & Kids In America

1 out of 3 children are reading on grade level and only 1 in 4 high school students graduate in four years.

How Serious Is America’s Literacy Problem?




The risks to people who cannot read or people who can barely read are significant, including:

Let us help you discover
your child’s literacy

Introducing Read2Think

Read2Think is an online assessment

Oral Reading Passages selected by the student once their reading levels are determined by the Parent or Educator. A student reads aloud and their voices are heard.

Powerful tools for Educators & Parents

Review specific utterances, substitutions, and listen to the entire passage for informative progress monitoring.


Questions you might have

What is the subscription cost to access Read2Think?

Families: $2.00/month per child
Nonprofit: 2.00/month per child (Up to 70 children per email account)
Teacher: $4.00/month per child (Up to 2 teachers & 100 children per account)

Where are your stories from?

Our stories are copyrighted by our company and written from the Lexile
vocabulary. They are not in the public domain and written for Read2Think.

What type of leveling do you do?

Stories are leveled from 0 Lexile-1,800 Lexile
Children are given stories if they are ON, ABOVE, or BELOW the reading grade

What is Read2Think Measuring?

Fluency, Words Per Minute, Accuracy, Self-Corrections

What kind of device can I use?

A desktop, laptop, or tablet. Read2Think is a web application. It is not configured for cell phones at this time

What are your Culturally Responsive Assessments?

Many, not all, of the stories that children read feature POC (People of Color). Stories are inspired from experiences and aligned to the Common Core Standards.

What topics are the stories about?

Fiction, Fantasy, Realistic Fiction,
Economics, History, S.T.E.A.M, Math.

What does the Dashboard look like for the adult (Family, Teacher, Nonprofit?)

Logins, Review Readings, Review Assessments, and Mores.

How often should a child logon?

Log on once a week or every other week.
However # of logins will be at the discretion of their family, teacher, or

About Us

We desire to help children read

Read2Think is a web application to help parents, educators, and students to discover a child’s reading challenge. Our software applies machine learning and humans to assess how children read.
By using Read2Think, students, parents, and educators have their dashboards. Passages are written ON, ABOVE, or BELOW a child’s reading grade level. A student’s reading grade level isdetermined by the educator or parent during registration.