About Read2Think

We are a team of technologists, educators, and creatives who want to change education. We believe that education should be equitable across the world. We know that youth have self-interests and it is important for us to provide content that motivates youth to read. Our team’s commitment to shifting education has helped Read2Think grow.


Our mission is…


Our philosophy is…

“My child’s understanding to read has increased in a few months. She understands the basics of phonics, and is excited to speak and read new words. When we first started the program, my child was struggling to sound out words, now my child reads whole words and a few sentences.”

Read2Think Parent

Education is in Our Blood

Families, educators, and nonprofit directors can access Read2Think for free for 7 days. We care about building a high-quality product that gives our customers ease of mind on helping a child read.